Speaking Rules


· (Speed) Slow down—it’s okay to read the pitch at first but eventually, it needs to be “memorized” to be much more natural in tone.

· Speak Clearly—make sure you are articulating your words

· Gestures - use your hand and facial expressions to enhance and show passion

· Speak up (Voice Volume) —You must be heard and using voice inflection can be very important

· Pause for dramatic effects—after big statements pause for 1 second to allow the listener to let things sink in.

· Make eye contact—Don’t look down too much but don’t just look at one person either

Writing a pitch for your business is a must and will help call the listener to action for your product or service. A list of persuasive techniques might include one of the following ideas:

  • Appealing to emotion by making the person feel love, guilt, pride, happiness, etc. Most people buy on emotion as they imagine how your product or service will solve a problem for them .

  • Appealing to logic by giving statistics that help the person understand WHY they need to think a certain way is a great way to get a person thinking. Many people think and act very logically.

  • Appealing to a person's sense of right and wrong by making you or the choice seem like the right and ethical way to go.

  • Making the person think they’re cool or fashionable or trendy if they buy your product.

  • Promising amazing results if they try your service or product is another way to persuade a person.

  • Using strong images or imagery to help the person transfer previous experiences to your product. "Imagine ..."