Letter Project

7th Grade: Assignment#1: Writing a Business Style Letter using left-bound style.

At the top of a paper start with today's date: Use a NEW Google Doc

August 17, 2020

{ 3 blank lines }

Your First Name and Last Name

Street# Street Name Rd., Dr., Ln., Hwy., etc...

City, Ga. Zip

{ 1 blank line }

Mr. Hames

1000 Old Snellville Hwy.

Lawrenceville, GA 30044

{ 1 blank line }

Dear Mr. Hames,

{ 1 blank line }

Include in your letter to me the following (must write in complete sentences and don't just make a list.):

Tell me your name and try and give me an easy way to remember it.

Based on what you think the class is about, what are you looking forward to creating in this class?

If you could design the perfect class, what would you like to learn about?

What is one thing I might want to know about you to help me understand you better?

What are one or two games you play on your phone that would be cool to create in class this semester?

What are you hobbies or interests outside of school?

What are your short-term ( in the next few weeks) and long-term (much later in life) goals?

What is your WoW Factor (the one thing that might amaze me about you)? It might even be something about a family member.

What are you looking forward to in life or tell me about your dream career or place to visit?

Finally, there are many ways to define LEADERSHIP but influence is one of the best. Who do you think you influence the most?

{ 1 blank line }


{ 3 blank lines}

Type Your First and Last Name Here

7a-06 (Type YOUR Connection# under your name)

NOTE: If you finish early, I will explain how to add a "text wrap" graphic and also ask you to bold and underline the key words and phrases in your paragraph you wrote. DO NOT underline and bold an entire sentence please.

See video link below on how to format the document before you turn it in to me and mark it complete. Ignore it when the video says to print it. Just Mark as Done.