Image and Target Market



While entrepreneurs believe EVERYONE will want what their enterprise has to offer, in reality, only a portion of the people in the community are their customers. Every business must work to create an identity that sets it apart from its competition. That identity, or personality, is the business' "image," and every aspect of the enterprise (from floor coverings to advertising) contributes to it. Decide as a team what your image will be.

Remember -- you can't be all things to all people.

Discuss the following questions:

1. When people describe your business, what words do you hope they'll use?

2. What do you want to emphasize about your products and/or services?

3. Who will your customers be, and what is important to them?

4. How will your business differ from your competition or similar businesses?

Next, consider your customers. The questions on the attached sheet will help you create a profile of your target market -- the group of customers you expect your enterprise to attract and serve. (Do a customer profile.)

Next, design and create the following promotional materials:

1. a SIGN for the front of your enterprise (full sheet of poster board)

2. a SLOGAN to remember you by

3. a GIANT BUSINESS CARD for networking (half sheet of poster board)

You must purchase a Promotional Package containing supplies to make these items for $5. Make your check payable to REAL Business Supply Company and take it to the warehouse.




Please answer the following questions about your target market -- the groups(s) of people you expect to attract to your enterprise (those who will purchase your product and/or service).

1. Will your customer be males, females, or both? If both, in what proportion?

2. How old will your customers be? (age range)

3. What will their weekly allowance be? ($ range)

4. Describe your typical customer's lifestyles and tastes.

5. How often are they likely to visit your enterprise/use your services? (times per week, month, or year)

6. What are your typical customer's interests?

7. Develop a brief customer service policy.