My Story

Introduction: WHAT'S YOUR STORY? I would like to get to know you by having you share 3 different events or stories about you or your family. I really want it to be an interesting read so please share lots of intriguing/interesting facts. In total, I would like to know three fascinating sides of your life through your words about what happened.

Finally, to help you, I have some topics that might get you started writing. Remember, I want 3 separate stories so you have to pick 3 topics total. Write them on the same Google Document just with different headings or titles. Here is a great list to help:

1. Significance of your NAME (Why and the story behind your name)

2. BIRTHPLACE (Where and why that is significant)

3. WoW Factor (a fact about you that might make us all say Wow and the story behind it)

4. Fact(s) (are there facts about you that really explain who you are or tell a story?)

5. EDUCATION (Schools you have attended and what that is unusual or a special story)

6. FAMILY (members and how you relate to each one)

7. CHILDHOOD (What happened when you were young?)

8. PETS (what is unique about your pet(s))

9. SPORTS (you have played and the story behind each sport)

10. HOBBIES (things you love to do in your spare time... friends, social media, art, etc...)

11. GOALS (things you really want out of your life now and in the future and why)

12. TECHNOLOGY (devices you can't life without and why)

13. DREAMS (things you would love to do in life - similar to goals)

14. BOOKS (significant books that have shaped your thinking)

15. VACATIONS (far off places that have shaped who you are or are just plain fun and interesting)

16. FOOD (talk about your favorite food, why you like it and a special occasion or memory dealing with that food)

17. TRAGEDIES (what happened and what you learned from it)

18. INJURY (what was the injury and how did it occur)

19. FEAR (do you have a fear and talk about an occasion where that fear was made real)

20. TALENTS (drawing, music, sports, etc...) something you are born naturally with the ability to do

21. COLLECTIONS (What are some of the unique collections you have and how is this interesting?)

22. CAREER (What is a unique career you are interested in and why?)

23. ACHIEVEMENTS (What have you done that you were recognized for and how did it all occur)

24. TRADITION (What are fun traditions in your family?)

25. SKILL (math, basketball) something you have worked very hard to develop

Can you think of others? Use them instead of these.

Remember you are writing 3 paragraphs on 3 different topics. Don't just share lots of facts and miss the story part behind the facts. I can't wait to read more about you. Feel free to add pictures to each of your 3 stories. I will share some of my own as we go along.