Foundations in Business Leadership & Management

Class overview - Syllabus

This class is all about learning the fundamentals of leadership and entrepreneurship through the lens of a digital creator.  Technology and entrepreneurs are two side of one coinThey go together perfectly.  Entrepreneurs see a problem and solve it by adding value to others.  This might be through creating an app in Python or writing a business letter.  It might be using technology skills to create a website or a podcast.  Either way, this class is all about creating value and solving problems.  Students will start with basic business oral and written communication skills.  Students will interview for a job in class and then get paid for their work.  We will eventually be challenged to create a series of video games in our very own software development company.  The class will use a business economy system where students will earn “Crews Cash” each day for being on-time, turning in work, and participating in activities.  We then use those points to do an auction periodically during the semester.  Students never stop learning or creating in class with a focus on leadership qualities such as HONESTY, RESPECT, COOPERATION, and more.  They end by learning to pitch their business and talk about all they have learned in the digital design world.  

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In a time of remote learning and being on our screens more than ever before, being a responsible digital citizen has never been more important! Countless educators have used this lesson to kickstart or extend a digital citizenship unit they're using with students. Check out this video by Common Sense Media that features teens and how they view their digital footprint! 

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Commands (Trinket#1 Box Dots and Color) -**Note: spelling, spaces, and capitalization matter in Python

import turtle







t.goto(x,y) (talk and draw out cartesian grid)

Lesson 2 - Smily Face:




t.write("Hello, my name is ...")

Lesson 3 Loops: (Mark Zuckerburg YouTube Video)

for i in range(4):



Lesson 4 What is a spirograph?

for i in range(4):


t.rt(90 + 1)




import random



def circle():

def star():

*Remember Begin_Fill() and End_Fill()

Lesson 5 Spirograph App




Create and design using all you have learned and incorporate INPUT

r=input("What is your number")


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Hi, my name is Rod Hames and it is my honor to serve the Brookwood community at Crews Middle School as their Business Education Teacher where I get to share valuable truths concerning money, management, and entrepreneurship with a wonderful group of students.  If I can help you in any way please don't hesitate to reach out to me.