Class Foundational Values

What are the my class' foundational values?


Take responsibility for your own life. No one will ever be as concerned about your success as you.

No one else is standing in your shoes to experience the ups and downs of your life. By taking responsibility, you are looking out for your future and not allowing others to decide how it goes.

Be Principled

Always act with integrity, respect and toleration.

By being principled, we demonstrate to others a desire to create value for them, whether monetary or otherwise.


Seek and use the best knowledge, drive change that benefits others and exemplify humility and intellectual honesty.

If you do not ensure that you are using accurate and complete information, you could take action that is not helpful to yourself and/or others.


Respect the rights of others and study the links between freedom, entrepreneurship and societal well-being.

Freedom of choice is a critical component in a free market, which leads to the greatest opportunity for each individual to improve their lives. A lack of freedom diminishes our ability to create value for others.


Find fulfillment in your life by improving the lives of others.

Creating value for others by using and sharing your talents is one of the best ways to find joy in your life. If we keep our passions to ourselves, we may be missing out on ways to help others.


You make your own opportunities.

You can sit and wait for things to happen to you or you can work to make things happen for you. Being oppportunity obsessed means being constantly on the look out for ways to discover, develop and apply your talents.

Sound Judgement

Use economic thinking to create the greatest benefit while using the least resources.

Because most resources are scarce, we need to be intentional about how we use them, which means we cannot recklessly use resources without any thought of whether we are being effective in our usage.

Win-Win Focus

Cooperation creates real value in society - for yourself and others.

When we have a win-win focus, we can expand our resources, knowledge, and capabilities to achieve our goals by collaborating with others.