MoneyTalks Materials

Invite Letter (Asking for Help)

Would you be willing to help my students by volunteering to help with my Money Talks™ event in December? If so, please continue to read:

I know this might seem a bit early to ask for help in December but we all know how fast things can get booked in the month of December.

Money Talks™ is an event where you talk with a 6th grade student about all they have learned in our semester long unit on finance. I provide the questions, talking points and we make it a quick 10-15 minute “interview” that is fun for you and the student. The student gets to meet a professional caring adult who encourages and re-states the importance of what they have learned.

The event is on Tuesday, December 7 and Wednesday, December 8 (pick one or pick both days to volunteer) from 10 AM – Noon LIVE in person at Crews. I have created a signup page for you to register.

I hope this will work out for you to join us and speak truth and life into a child who is eager to have financial freedom and success.


Letter to Parents

Hi Parents,

I have had a family emergency occur and will not be at school tomorrow and possibly some next week. My sister past away in her sleep yesterday. I did not tell the students but you are welcome to if you think it would be beneficial for them to know. I am writing to let you know we have a VERY busy week next week with the ceremony on Thursday evening and our final exams on Tuesday and Wednesday. I do think I will be at school on Monday however if I am not, I want it to be clear what is going to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday.

I have told the kids I have invited almost 20 guests (customers for their consulting business they started) to come to Crews on both Tuesday and Wednesday of next week to get their "advice" and input about problems they are having with money and to see what they (the student) can do to help them. These guests are (professional friends and special VIP guests I have selected) asking the students other questions about what they have learned from the course and taking down their responses. This is going to serve as our "performance" exam along with as short multiple choice question test I will give later.

I would like the students to dress in their "Sunday" best both days if possible. They will speak with at a minimum of 1 guest each of the days. It is possible they will speak with as many as 4 guests "customers" over the span of the two days since the "coaching" session will last about 15 minutes each.

Again, I can not tell you how deeply proud and honored to have such a wonderful group of students. I am always touched by how much they have grown in the past 16 weeks.

So looking forward to next week with your child.


Roderick Hames

Business Education Teacher

Running and Tennis Club Sponsor

Brookwood Cluster Entrepreneurship Camp Director

Crews Middle School

1000 Old Snellville Hwy

Lawrenceville, GA 30044

Class website:

Office: (770) 736-5760

Zoom Link:

Letter to VIP Guests

Hi VIP Guests,

One week from today (Wednesday, Dec. 8 ) at Crews Middle School we will host a special event for our students that you will play a vital role in its success. This is a reminder and check in to see if you have any questions after you review the link below. I will be providing everything you will need the day of the event so no need in printing anything. Please arrive between 9:50 AM and 10 AM. The students will arrive at 10:25 AM sharp and I want make you feel comfortable with your role. Since it is the middle of the day, parking should not be a problem. I am enclosing a parking map and entrance to the main office where ALL visitors need to enter the building.

Here is the plan.

First, please review the following slides before you arrive on Zoom:

Second, remember the students are nervous but excited to meet you. When you first meet them you will need to take some time to really get to know them for a few minutes. Before I ever try and mentor a student or teach them I know they need be able to answer 3 things about me: 1. Am able to help them. 2. Do I care about them. 3. Can they trust me. As you introduce yourself and tell a little about yourself, please keep these three things in mind. I have 100% trust that you are going to be a super mentor and encouragement to them.

After your time with the student I will ask for some feedback and reflection using this Google Form:

Again, I am honored to share my students with you and know you are going to speak a blessing to them. I am looking forward to greeting you next week.